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Why we are building our Tiny House

Why we are building our Tiny House

Our dream is coming true: we are building our Tiny House! A lot of people are dreaming about building their own house. Are you thinking about building your own Tiny House too? We wrote down why we did it!


The biggest reason we decided we wanted to build our own Tiny House, was freedom. We are both very stubborn. So, we liked the idea of deciding every little thing of our Tiny House and not depending on others. Everything is up to us! Not everything of course, because there are lots of rules in the Netherlands.

Why we are building our Tiny House


Next to freedom, we must admit money is a big reason. We are almost graduated, so we couldn’t save like a lot of money. We did save money of course, but not as much as someone who worked fulltime and already has a house to sell. By building our Tiny House, we hope to spare money by buying (good) cheap materials. And because we do all the work ourselves, we don’t have to pay others. Sounds like a good plan, right?


Besides having more freedom and saving money, building a Tiny House is really special! In our case we are building the Tiny House as a couple. You get the know your partner differently, then you would when you just buy a house. It brings you closer. It is something big in your life and you will never forget it! Do make sure it is the one for you, otherwise building a house is not fun, haha.

Why we are building our Tiny House


Last of all, by building a Tiny House you can use your creativity a lot. Not only with the furnishing, but also in the building process. Both of us like to be creative and like to use our hands. Being creative together is even better! So why not build a house together? Exactly.

When finishing our Tiny House, we will tell you if we would make the same decision again… Subscribe and get to know! Also follow us on Instagram to see our Tiny House build progress.

What are your reasons to build a Tiny House? Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear.

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