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What nobody tells you about building a Tiny House

What nobody tells you about building a Tiny House

If I’m totally honest with you, building a Tiny House isn’t always fun. We are currently at four months of building. And sometimes we are just done with it!

Things are frustrating. You know, when something doesn’t work for the 100th time. Haha just kidding, building a Tiny House isn’t that bad.

Here are 4 things no one tells you about building a Tiny House.

Research research and research

Like everybody who is planning to build a Tiny House, you think everything through and do tons of research. And at some point, you think you know it all and you are ready to start the build!

Well I didn’t experience it that way. I spent so many hours doing research and discussing stuff with Jeffrey. But still there were so many things during the build we had to look up again. Like installing the windows, that was really hard.

What nobody tells you about building a Tiny House

But we learned that it’s okay to do research during the build. You learn through the process! And you get more and more knowledge.

Different tasks

When building a Tiny House, you are responsible for so many different tasks. While building, we found out there are also lots of tasks we don’t like to do. But it still must be done! That’s demotivating…

What happens when the day has come we have to do those tasks? We do everything slower and get out of bed later in the morning.

What nobody tells you about building a Tiny House

What helped for us, is to discuss well which tasks Jeffrey doesn’t like and which I don’t like. Therefore, we could divide these tasks a bit.

Also, we like to set goals per day. For example, staining the wood siding took such a loooong time. By making goals, we got more motivated!

What nobody tells you about building a Tiny House

Everything takes more time

We thought we could build our Tiny House in 3 to 4 months (currently at 4 months and hope to be done in 6 months). We even thought for a moment we could finish it in TWO MONTHS! Don’t laugh at us please. I see now this was really unrealistic haha. But seriously everything takes so much time than you think. Sometimes you need to get some stuff from the construction market or you must think something through again.

What nobody tells you about building a Tiny House

We have accepted that everything takes more time and now take it into account. We double the time we think it takes to fulfill the task.

I also noticed it is more relaxing to not have a deadline. We want to be finished at the end of January (two months left), because Jeffreys internship starts then. So, when it is possible for you, don’t have a deadline! It gives way less stress.


Like I said in the beginning, things will be frustrating. But building a Tiny House, with no building experiences, is hard. You will make mistakes and you will feel like you fail sometimes. But we learned that it’s totally fine. Every problem has a solution and we will find it.

If we can do it, you can too!

And don’t forget to keep making fun! 

What nobody tells you about building a Tiny House

Sharing is sweet!

Let us know in the comments about your Tiny process!

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