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Top 15 ecofriendly and zero waste Christmas presents
Photo by Candis Hidalgo from Pexels

Top 15 ecofriendly and zero waste Christmas presents

Christmas is coming! Christmas is my favorite time of the year, because of all the lights, happy songs and movies. Sadly, Christmas time is also a very wasteful time of the year. Family and friends give each other a lot of presents, which is wrapped in something that everyone will throw away. But this year, we will do it differently!

Do you want your family to live more ecofriendly? And do you also want to give presents, but don’t want to waste anything? This top 6 ecofriendly presents, will help you out!

Top 15 ecofriendly and zero waste Christmas presents

Important tip

First of all, a few tips. It is important to find out what your family already has. Otherwise they will get products they don’t want.

Also, take a look at How to Wrap presents Zero Waste of going zero waste. Now, let’s start!


Bamboo toothbrush
Everybody has it in their bathroom: a (plastic) toothbrush. That’s why every year 1 billion of toothbrushes are thrown away, in the U.S. alone! How wonderful would it be, when everybody gets a bamboo toothbrush for Christmas?

Top 15 ecofriendly and zero waste Christmas presents

Shampoo bar
Another product everybody uses, is shampoo. Usually shampoo is packed in plastic. So, give a zero waste shampoo bar, with a nice personal flavor!

Safety razor
A lot of people shave their selves, women and men. Around 2 billion razors and blades are thrown away each year. But by using a safety razor, the waste goes way down! A very useful Christmas present, right?

Safety Razor zero waste

Deo bar
Everybody uses deo, or that’s what I think at least. Most deo that shops sell, aren’t ecofriendly and not ecofriendly packed. Give a deo bar and hopefully they will give it a try!


Listening to books is very relaxing for lots of people. For example, my brother doesn’t like reading, but he might like listening to books? Luckily, they can try audible out first with the 30 days free trial.

Top 15 ecofriendly and zero waste Christmas presents

For the family and friends who do like reading, give an e-book membership! I like reading way too much, so rather give me an e-book. Bookmate is a mobile app with thousands of e-books! Books in English, Dutch and 11 other languages. Bookmate offers a 3-month trial for $0.99.

In 2018 a Netflix membership is even better.  Everybody likes it! That’s also why the chance is big, they already have an account. If not, this present would be perfect!

Food/ drinking

Food wrap
It is so easy to use a plastic wrap for food, but sooo wasteful. Give your whole family some reusable non-waxed wrapping paper, and problem solved! And very personal too, because the wrapping paper has colors, flowers, cars or whatever.

Bamboo kitchenware
Most people’s kitchenware is made of plastic. Is a family member moving out? Or is one of the kitchenware broken? Give bamboo kitchenware. It looks nice and bamboo is an ecofriendly material.

Top 15 ecofriendly and zero waste Christmas presents

Travel utensil set
Another very eco-friendly present is a bamboo travel utensil set. Very useful when being on the road,  because lots of food shops give plastic utility. Or when they bring their own lunch a lot it is very useful too!

Stainless steel lunch box
Does your family take their own lunch to work or school? A stainless steel lunch box is a very nice replacer of a plastic one.

Zero waste lunch box

Stainless steel drinking bottle 
The next eco-friendly present is useful for everyone. How many times do people buy a drink on the road? And then throw the plastic bottle away? A lot. Bringing your own stainless-steel drinking bottle is not only ecofriendly, but also way cheaper! Two ways to make your family happy😊.

Zero waste drinking bottle


Table sweeping set
Every home has at least one table sweeping set. Usually a plastic one. Does your friend need a new one? Take your change.

Organic cotton shopping bag
Plastic bags are used a lot. Even though bringing a cotton shopping bag is so easy. Especially when you give your family one or a few cotton shopping bags. Also tell them to always take it with them!

Zero waste shopping bag

Recycled Newspaper Pencils
Your family probably still uses paper a lot to write things on, like a shopping list. Or maybe they like drawing. Give recycled newspaper pencils. I think it is a very nice way of recycling!

I am sure this list will help you make your family more aware of their lifestyle! Let us know how it went in the comments. Do you know another nice eco-friendly present to give for Christmas? Let us know too!

Top 15 ecofriendly and zero waste Christmas presents

Share this blog with your friends, so every family will get ecofriendly presents for Christmas! Then my Christmas would be perfect! 😊

And of course, merry christmas and a happy new year!!

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