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Pros and cons of building and buying a Tiny House

Pros and cons of building and buying a Tiny House

Building or buying a Tiny House?

Pros and cons

Written by Lizanne | 22 November | Tiny House 

Written by Lizanne | 22 November | Tiny House 

Living in a Tiny House

You finally chose to live in a Tiny House. Yay! Then you arrived in the next step… Do you want to build or buy a Tiny House?

We put down some pros and cons of building and buying a Tiny House. After reading this blog you will know what your decision is!

Are you still orientating in Tiny living? Read this blog first.

Building a Tiny House

First of all, I think that building a Tiny House is an amazing experience you will never forget! You have a lot of freedom too: everything you can decide by yourself. Which also means you must do a lot of research.

Another pro is money, building a Tiny House is in most cases cheaper. You can use second hand materials for example. And you don’t have to pay for manual labor.

Even though it is cheaper to build a Tiny House instead of buying one, it costs way more time! Some people say time = money. So, it depends on the way you look at it. Unless you have a lot of experience, your Tiny House is build less professionally.

But we didn’t have building experience either. Anyone can do it. Yes, you too!

There is so much information to find on the Internet these days. And if you don’t want to do the designing yourself there are other ways. For example: you can buy construction plans from Tiny Project.


Pros and cons

Of building a Tiny House

  • Cheaper
  • Lots of freedom
  • Experience of a lifetime
  • Time-consuming
  • Less professional

Buying a Tiny House

A big pro of buying a Tiny House is time. Firstly, a company builds it faster than you. And secondly, during the build, you can just live your life!

Buying a Tiny House at a company also makes the Tiny House more professional. They probably have more experience and knowledge. This might give you a more secure feeling.

Buying a Tiny House is more expensive. You need to pay for labor and professionality. You also have less freedom than when you build a Tiny House yourself. Try to find a company that involves you in the process.

Pros and cons

Of buying a Tiny House

  • Less time-consuming
  • Professional
  • More secure
  • More expensive
  • Less freedom in design and build


So, are you going to build or buy a Tiny House? Both situations have pros and cons. You need to think about what’s best for you! Answer this question:

Does your heart beat faster when you think about building a Tiny House?

If your answer is yes, then my response is: don’t let your insecurity or the cons stop you! Go for it!

But if the cons are bigger than the pros to you, you should buy a Tiny House. Let the chosen company make the most beautiful Tiny House ever!

Make your dream come true…

I hope this list has helped you in making the decision. Let us know in the comments!

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