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How to design your Tiny House: Part 2

How to design your Tiny House: Part 2

How to design your Tiny House: Part 2

5 tips for designing

Written by Lizanne | 15 November 2018 | Tiny House

Written by Lizanne | 15 November 2018 | Tiny House

Are you designing your Tiny House? After answering the questions in part 1, you are ready to start.

The next 5 tips will help you out!

Tip 1: Draw in 2D first

The first tip is to draw in 2D first. Draw the dimensions and then just start drawing! By drawing in 2D, you get more insight in your layout. I made a lot of drawings and in the end, it became clear what we wanted! Although there will always be things you want to change.

Tip 2: Experience your design in 3D

When you’ve made a few 2D drawings and you’re curious how it looks like, start making a 3D model. I used sketchup. Try not to design too comprehensive at first, because it’s good to make multiple designs, so you can compare. Soon more about programs to make 3D models. Subscribe to the newsletter to be informed!

TIP: Take a look at the Tiny Project. Save hours of time with their construction plans and sketchup file!

Tip 3: Consider short water pipes

The next tip is to take into account the length of the water pipes. By keeping the water pipes short, it is easier to install, there is less risk of leakage and you need less maintenance. That’s why we chose to design the bathroom and kitchen side by side.

Tip 4: Be aware of the wheel arch

If you have a Tiny House on wheels, you must be aware of the wheel arch. For example, you probably can’t place a door there. So, design this space useful! We chose for a desk above the wheel arch.

Tip 5: Create light and space

The last tip is to make sure you have enough light in your Tiny House. You don’t want to feel ‘locked up’. Think carefully where, how big and how many windows you want. Light also gives the feeling that your house is larger.

I hope these tips have helped you design your Tiny House. Let us know in the comments how it turned out with your design!

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