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How to design your Tiny House: part 1

How to design your Tiny House: part 1

Designing your Tiny House is a hard job. So many things to consider! But I also liked it a lot to design my Tiny House. Are you designing your Tiny House?

These questions will help you out and we will show you our design!

If you are still in the orientation phase of tiny living, follow these steps first.

What place in your home is most important to you?

The most important question you need to think about, is what place in your home you are the most. And what place is most important to you. These places are important in your design. For example, our relaxing moment is on the couch, so we want a big one. We don’t spend like a lot of time in the bathroom, so no big bathroom for us. Also, think about your hobbies and how this affects your design.

TIP: Take a look at the Tiny Project. Save hours of time with their construction plans and sketchup file!

Tiny Project construction plans

Do you want to be able to stand in your bedroom?

For some people it is important to be able to stand in the bedroom. This is an important one to consider, because it effects your design a lot. If you don’t mind, then a sleeping loft is a good option, which we chose for. But there are also lots of creative options if you do want to be able to stand. Another blog about those options soon. Subscribe to be updated.

How to design your Tiny House: part 1

Do you want your bed to be permanent?

It is also good to consider if you want your bed to be permanent or not. If not, you can be more creative with how and where to place your bed, for example a sofa bed. We chose for a permanent bed, because we don’t like to change the bed every morning and evening. But we aslo have a convertible sofa bed for guests.

How to design your Tiny House: part 1

Do you want a loft?

Another thing to consider is a loft. Lots of Tiny Houses have a loft, because it creates way more space and storage. Though your house feels smaller, because you can’t look at the ceiling. We have two lofts, one for sleeping and one for storage.

Permanent stairs, a ladder or…?

If you choose for a loft, you will need a staircase or ladder. A permanent staircase will give you lots of storage, but takes a lot of space too. A ladder takes less space, but is also less comfortable. Or maybe use a rope? Who knows.

How to design your Tiny House: part 1

What kind of kitchen do you want?

Think about how much you like cooking. And do you need a lot of space while cooking? Do you want an oven, microwave, freezer and a fridge? See how it all fits in your kitchen design.

What do you need in the bathroom?

You might think this question is a bit logical. Everyone needs a toilet, Lizanne! True, but do you want a bath or a shower? Do you need a lot of space in the bathroom? Do you have many cosmetics? Some people dream about a beautiful big bathroom, so why not make a big bathroom in your Tiny House? We ourselves rather want a bigger living room.

How to design your Tiny House: part 1

Do you want your house to be open or closed?

What I mean with ‘open’ or ‘closed’ is if you want to have separate rooms or one big room. Do you want to see the kitchen from your couch or do you want walls or something like that in between? We chose for an ‘open’ house, except for the bathroom, haha 😉

Do you want a couch? A separate eating table and desk? A tv? A book closet? You can go on and on!

I hope these questions have helped you discover how you want to design your Tiny House. Let us know what your ideas are in the comments. Soon part 2 of this blog will follow,  subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

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