Decluttering my wardrobe

Decluttering my wardrobe

In a few months I am going to live in a Tiny House. So, I definitely need to declutter my wardrobe! I have never been a big clothes shopper, I do like to buy some new dresses when summer comes or some new jeans when they are broke. But I never throw away clothes. I mean never! My size always stays the same, so I could wear clothes for years. Because of that I think it will be really hard to declutter my wardrobe…

Are you trying to live a minimalistic lifestyle and are you going to make the step to declutter your wardrobe? Read this blog to find out how I did it!

Always a mess…

What does not really help with decluttering my closet, is that I make things messy. The weird thing is, I love being organized! I always get so frustrated from my messy room ☹. When I live in our Tiny House, I hope having less stuff will help this issue. Fingers crossed…

So, you can guess that decluttering my wardrobe didn’t go very organized. The big reason this happened, is because I cannot fold clothes!! I mean, I can fold clothes, but not nicely.

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1. Split up clothes

Firstly, separate your clothes into different piles. I made piles of; dresses, shorts, jeans, shirts, sweaters, skirts, bras/underwear and fancy clothes. In this way I could decide how many clothes of each pile I wanted to keep. It might be necessary to get all your clothes out of the closet to make these piles. But that is good too, because you can see the ridiculous amount of clothes you have! But for me it was better to get the clothes out per pile, because otherwise it would get a big mess fast.

Note: you can decide for yourself if you declutter al your piles in one day, in a week, in a month or in a year. Do it your way.

Decluttering my wardrobe

2. Be critical with every piece of clothing

Secondly, you can start with a pile of your choice. I asked myself a few questions with every piece of clothing. What do I think of it? How often do I wear it? Do I need it?  For me it became pretty clear which clothes I definitely wanted to keep. But some clothes it didn’t help enough…

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3. Make 3 choice piles: yes| no | don’t know

Because I had a lot of clothes which were very hard to decide about, I made three choice piles (so many piles!!). Make a pile with clothes you definitely want to keep, clothes you don’t want to keep and clothes you are doubting about. To make sure I didn’t make a big mess, I put the yes and no piles further away in my room.

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4. Wear clothes

Now wear the clothes of the ‘don’t know’ pile and stand in front of the mirror. How does this clothing feel? How does it look?  If you are still not convinced if it is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, then keep it on the ‘don’t know’ pile.

5. Give away the ‘no’ pile

After being finished with decluttering for the day, give away your clothes as soon as possible. Before you start to doubt again! I gave away my clothes to a drift store. But you can also give it away to a good cause.

6. Look at your ‘don’t know’ pile

After a week or so I looked at my don’t know pile. Maybe you can wait longer, so you can test if you missed it. But I couldn’t wait so long! Also, it would get a big mess when I would wait longer.
Now be critical again. Wear it, ask yourself questions and decide!

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I would love to hear how your decluttering went! Do you have some tips? Let us know in the comments.

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